in turin since 2009

The Società di Danza Torinese is a local branch of the National Federation “Società di Danza” and promotes activities, workshops, dances and meetings in the Turin area to spread nineteenth-century social values through dance.

A particularly prominent event is the “Grand Ball of the Risorgimento” which is proposed in June in the National Museum of the Italian Risorgimento, one of the most important museums linked to national history in Italy and Europe.

with us the dance is a

social project

Our dance system consists of group dances and couple dances; Quadrilles and Contraddances belong to the first set, Waltz, Polke, Mazurke, Galop and dances derived from them belong to the second. The two sets are not rigidly separated, but live interrelated and form the choreographic universe of our traditional European dance society system.

The dances of our system are conceived as a small social and artistic project. The dance activity that we practice falls within the field of social or company dance. This is a different practice from that which falls within the so-called historical dance. Historical dance is the product of the research of the “Reconstructors” of ancient dances. These scholars, using different methods of study, through comparative analyzes, reconstruct single dances belonging to specific historical moments. The nineteenth-century traditional dance of society, that is the system that we practice, is a different experience. most important national teams in Italy and Europe.

Our is a synthesy of what hundreds of dance teachers produced in the 800s. From diversity we have come to homogeneity. On the dozens and dozens of variations of a dance, we have made a synthesis and produced a unique sample. From the great variety in the description of steps and figures we have extracted all the basic elements and placed them at the foundation of a unique “language” on which to base the further development of the system. In our idea of ​​social dance, the analysis of 19th century manuals leads to the synthesis that establishes precise, clear and shared rules, so that a reality of the past can return to being a living dance, reproducible and developable in the future. To this end, the Società di Danza organizes Grand Balls and costume shows, publishes books on the study of dance and organizes courses in Italy and abroad in order to spread its system.

The Società di Danza is a group affiliated with the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society of Edinburgh.

The Federation of Società di Danza aims to coordinate the national and international activities of the Società di Danza Associations.

The Circolo Torinese organizes dance workshops and events in the area for the promotion and dissemination of nineteenth-century traditional dances.

the Waltz to
enchant heart and soul

from Gran Ballo del risorgimento


since 2007

Società di Danza continued, developed and expanded these actvities of study, research, training, practice and dissemination of 19th century social dance of European tradition, and moreover:


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