The “Circolo Torinese” of Società di Danza is a cultural society founded in Torino in 2009, promotes historical research and practice on Nineteenth Century and Historical dances, according to the aims of the Società di Danza, cultural association founded in 1991 by Fabio Mòllica.
The  Circolo Torinese is associated to the Federation  Società di Danza, that is formed by branches, groups and and individuals  that agree with the Manifesto, the system of dance and the Educational Material.
The society aims at reconstructing a dance system belonging to the European tradition. The XIX Century dances are: quadrilles, country dances, waltzes, polkas and mazurkas.
We aim at researching the artistic technique that in the Nineteenth Century made these dances especially important for the dancing masters and not only mass enjoyment.
The Circolo Torinese  della Società di Danza is directed by Fabio Mòllica



Our School of XIX Century Dance organizes courses: Waltz, Quadrille, Country Dances, Mazurka, Polka and Scottish Country Dances.


1st Level Classes

 Polivalent Hall Venchi Piazza Massaua 17

(weekly) Friday hours 21-22 about

Teachers Eva Marigo & Massimo Roso

Last Friday of September FREE lesson/presentation

1st Session (15 lessons):  October – January

2nd Session (15 lessons): January – June

Inscription can also be done at courses started.

Discounts for students

2nd & 3rd Level Classes

 Polivalent Hall Venchi Piazza Massaua 17

(weekly) Friday hours 22-23 about